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Geothermal like you’ve never experienced before

Action packed fun filled circuits

5km fun course


The 5km course will include the Wairakei Resort grounds and Craters forest.

The grounds are made up of landscaped gardens and unique geothermal features.

This is a great course for novice trail runners, kids and families wanting to experience the Possum, but at an achievable distance.


12km adventure course 


The 12km course is an action packed fun filled circuit of some of the coolest and hottest features of the Wairakei Tourist Park. We can’t say too much, but the course will include 2 tunnels (watch your head), loads of fun pine forest single track, not too many hills and the most excellent Craters of the Moon geothermal walkway.

This is definitely the one for Families with older children taking on a challenge together or those looking for more than 5km, but less than 21km.


21km challenge course


The premier Possum event will take you through all the cool features of the 12km event plus add another 9km of premium single track all on a single lap course. There will be ups and downs, gulleys, ridges and bridges. Pack a good headlamp, pace yourself and set forth into the darkness.

You will notice there are no course maps published. All will be revealed on the day of the event! Don’t you love a good surprise!



Wairakei Resort,
640 Wairakei Road,
Taupo 3379

Entry Enquiries

Amy Crawford
027 845 9015
[email protected]

Event Enquiries

Nick Reader
021 632 721
[email protected]